Research is a powerful engine.

Discovery yields new knowledge, spurs innovation and generates impact.

University at Albany Vice President for Research James A. DiasThe impact of University at Albany research is wide-ranging. Our scientists are developing solar energy resources; advancing novel approaches to treating diseases using RNA technologies; helping governments implement technology; using evidence-based research to inform public policy; commercializing knowledge; and utilizing nanotechnology to enable global competitiveness. We are also training professionals.

Research expenditures totaling $337.4 million in 2010-11 reflect the scope of work. UAlbany ranked an impressive 58th out of 697 higher education institutions in a 2009 National Science Foundation survey of research expenditures.

This report provides an overview of UAlbany's vast research enterprise, highlights key pillars of strength and features examples of innovation driving economic development.

Vice President for Research James A. Dias