Investments and Impacts

Patent Details

  • Patent US 8,841,438, issued September 23, 2014, Scott Tenenbaum et al., “Trans-acting RNA switch” (licensed to HocusLocus, LLC). The technology consists of RNA constructs which function to activate or inactivate a biological process. Potential applications include: targeting and killing pathogens or cancer cells; diagnosing the presence of a specific molecule in a cell; combating certain diseases by directing the expression of a particular protein in a cell deficient in that protein. HocusLocus received two federal STTR awards in FY 2014-15 to further develop the technology.
  • Patent US 8,927,509, issued January 6, 2015, Hua Shi, Albert Millis, et al., “Aptamer modulators of complement protein C3 and biologically active proteolytic products thereof.” Aptamers are small nucleic acid molecules that bind very specifically to proteins or other cellular targets. The aptamers of this invention modulate elements of the immune system and have potential utility as treatments for cancer and diseases with an inflammatory or autoimmune component.