Gregory Glass, PhD

Greg Glass, Ph.D.Professor, EPI and Liberal Arts and Sciences, Geography
University Of Florida

Greg Glass, Ph.D., has worked for more than 30 years on mammalian zoonotic and vector borne pathogens associated with wildlife. His expertise is in epizootiologic risk analysis and surveillance sampling of various viral and bacterial pathogens.

He trained at the Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas and his post-doctoral research involved the early characterization of the relatively unknown group of     agents, the hantaviruses – nearly a decade before the outbreak in the U.S. Southwest. Subsequent work involved a diverse array of viral and bacterial threats – including early studies of Borrelia burgdorferi, Anaplasma, Hepatitis E-like virus, Rickettsiae, and Leptospira.

His team helped develop statistical approaches of analyzing computerized surveillance data that incorporated geographic information systems and remote sensing. During the past two years, he was the program director for the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program in Ukraine that trained scientists, veterinarians, clinicians and technicians in current international standards of biosafety and biosecurity while investigating especially dangerous  pathogens.

In late 2014 he moved to the University of Florida as the senior faculty in Medical Geography and the Emerging Pathogens Institute directing the spatial modeling group.