A Message from President Robert J. Jones and Vice President for Research James A. Dias

Robert J. Jones, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research
James A. Dias, Ph.D.
As the University at Albany undertakes its largest academic  expansion in 50 years, our research enterprise is front and center as a driver  of innovation, knowledge and economic development. Our research programs are  integral to strategic new colleges, academic programs and partnerships—and central to reaching the next level of excellence.

As a public research university, fulfilling our mission requires research and scholarship that address the significant challenges we face in our communities, across the nation and around the world. Reaching our vision requires even deeper engagement at the global level, driving us to strengthen our commitment to international research partnerships.

This report showcases the breadth of UAlbany’s research portfolio. We excel in transdisciplinary research, cultivating faculty collaborations representing public policy, life sciences, law, education, atmospheric science and the humanities, among many other fields. Our positive impact ranges from strengthening democratic processes in Kenya, to developing early warning systems for extreme weather, to applying business expertise to social enterprises. It features unique interdisciplinary approaches such as the “Picturing the Anthropocene” project, which bridges art and science to represent the impact of human activity on the ecosystem.

Using creative and cutting-edge techniques, our student researchers join their peers as effective, informed citizens who approach societal problems with an interdisciplinary research approach. These students are poised to become leaders in their communities and in their fields—and to navigate the complex cultural, geographic and social dynamics in this age of globalization.

Meanwhile, new stories are unfolding. Earlier this year, UAlbany announced an unprecedented $10 million National Institutes of Health endowment grant to address health care disparities in minority and underserved communities. This prestigious award recognizes the University’s significant capacity for multidisciplinary work in this area, which involves six of our colleges and schools and more than a dozen community partners.

The projects featured in this report truly represent UAlbany’s aspiration to emerge as a leading public research university. We will continue to leverage our extraordinary people and facilities to create new synergies, deepen partnerships, and steward public and private investments to create a better future for all.