CoR Year in Review

 The Council on Research is one of several council/committees of the University governance (University Senate). The Council is charged with regular review of research activities and the allocation of research funds within the University; review of proposals for new research initiatives or actions affecting the continuance of existing programs; review and recommendation of policies that guide research procedures being conducted by University members with regard to the well-being of animal and human subjects, safety standards, and compliance with other regulatory standards; the review of applications to internal campus research support mechanisms; and review and participation in the processes by which campus and/or SUNY excellence in research award nominations are made.

Highlights of the 2016-17 year for the Council on Research included review and revision of the guidelines for the Benevolent Association Graduate Research award, Faculty Research Award Program, Conference Support Award, and the Journal Support Award. The Council also reviewed and approved one new research unit proposal, the Institute for Public Sector Innovation, which will encompass the Center for Technology in Government.

Faculty Research Award Program – Category B (FRAP-B) Twenty-two applicants were recommended by the Deans for the Faculty Research Award Program - Category B totaling $70,858.

Subcommittee Highlights

Benevolent Association Graduate Research Award
Chair: Yu-Hui Chen
Nine (9) applicants were awarded $4,500.

Faculty Research Award Program – Category A (FRAP-A)
Chair: Christopher Pastore
Ten (10) applicants out of 29 were awarded $86,273.99.

Conference/Journal Support Award
Chair: Justin Minder
Seven (7) applicants were awarded $14,850.

Excellence in Research and Creative Activities
Chair: Yu-Hui Chen
Three (3) faculty nominees were recommended for and received the UAlbany Excellence in Research and Creative Activities Award: