UAlbany Research Translates to Commercial Science

University at Albany research has been a springboard for a number of successful spin-off companies supporting business and enhancing society. Two of these enterprises recently expanded into the international arena: Albany-based AWS Truepower and X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc. (XOS).

AWS Truepower is one of the world's leading meteorological and engineering consulting firms specializing in wind and solar energy. Former UAlbany Atmospheric Sciences Research Center researcher Bruce Bailey has served as the President and CEO since the company's founding in 1986.

In 2011, AWS Truepower acquired Meteosim Truewind S.L. of Barcelona, Spain. The move brought the company's reach of science and technology-driven solutions to the European, Latin American and Asian markets.

The late Walter Gibson, a 25-year UAlbany faculty member and physicist, was a pioneer in semiconductor detectors, X-ray optics, and X-ray analysis techniques. In 1998, he co-founded X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc. and remained the company's chief technology officer until his death in 2009.

A leading global provider of materials- analysis equipment for industries needing to control material quality and performance of X-ray optics and instruments, XOS was acquired in 2012 by Danaher Corp., a manufacturer of scientific equipment doing business in more than 125 countries.