Gearing Policy to Promote Quality Education Worldwide

 Gilbert A. Valverde
 Gilbert A. Valverde
To foster economic and social development, many nations look to enhancing education programs. New policy regimes, such as large-scale international tests and global treaties to increase education quality, are now more prominent. Domestically, curriculum governance involving testing and standards are more prevalent.

Gilbert A. Valverde of UAlbany's Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies researches the challenges this policy environment poses, focusing on how international and domestic policy can promote quality educational opportunities to improve the lives of children worldwide.

Valverde has helped NASA, UNESCO, the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Develop- ment, national ministries, and research institutions define curriculum and evaluation policy challenges, identify courses of action, and evaluate outcomes.

A member of the influential Working Group on Standards and Evaluation of the Program to Promote Educational Reform in Latin America, Valverde also researches international tests in countries performing poorly. As director of the Educational Research Consortium, he has con- ducted groundbreaking longitudinal studies of opportunities in mathematics and reading in the Dominican Republic.

In 2011, Valverde was elected to become 2013- 2014 president of the Comparative and Interna- tional Education Society, the premier scholarly organization in the world dedicated to cross- cultural understanding, academic achievement and societal development.