Office of the Vice President for Research

Complete Division for Research A-Z Personnel Listing






James A. Dias, PhD. Vice President for Research 518-956-8170
Judith A. Duckor Secretary II for Vice President for Research 518-956-8170
Thecla Philip Senior Associate for Finance and Administration 518-956-8176
Satyendra Kumar, PhD. Associate Vice President for Research - Grants Development 518-956-8172
Sandra J. Peterson Secretary II/AA for AVP for Research and Director, Community & Economic Development 518-956-8172
Elisa M. Lopez University Research Awards & Information Coordinator 518-956-8171
Karen E. Preston Grant Writer 518-591-7165
Vincent J. Delio Director of UA2020 Constellations 518-437-4562
Tianning Huang Data Analyst 518-437-4552
Abhinay Indraba Tiwari Research Technology Coordinator 518-437-4553
Matthew J. Grattan Director of Community and Economic Development 518-956-8172
Maria Pidgeon Associate Director, Innovation Hot Spot - Massry School of Business 518-956-8216
Robert W. Manasier Entrepreneur in Residence/New Ventures Manager - Health Science Campus 518-525-2627

Department Assignments provide contact information for pre & post-award matters related to Research. Updated March 2017

Organizational Chart updated 01/16/19

Paula Kaloyeros Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs Administration 518-442-3196
Marlene Z. Williams Administrative Staff Associate 518-437-3835
Kate Thayer Clerk II 518-437-4974
Research Administration
Jessie Beauharnois Associate Director 518-437-4550
Stefan Brooks Research Administrator 518-437-4557
Ashley Carbino Research Administrator 518-437-4737
Ashley Gardner Research Administrator 518-437-3895
Christine McCrary Senior Research Administrator 518-437-3773
Megan Mosher Research Administrator 518-437-4598
Daniel Whaley Research Administrator 518-437-4555
Contracts Administration & Electronic Research Administration
Sharon Ray Assistant Director 518-437-4550
Jeffrey Horowitz Contracts Administrator 518-437-3845
Bridget Wilson Grant & Contract Specialist 518-437-4550
Nicholas Yelich Electronic Research Administrator 518-437-4558
Award Establishment and Maintenance
Todd Remkus Manager, Award Establishment and Maintenance 518-437-4551
Joyce Donohue Account Establishment and Maintenance Specialist 518-437-4599
Jane White Account Establishment and Maintenance Specialist 518-437-4559
Accounts Payable
Jerold Gauriloff Director 518-437-5074
Charlene Cox Accounts Payable Team Leader 518-437-3865
Sue Beattie Clerk II 518-437-3889
Pamella Cozzy Processing Specialist 518-437-3868
Robin Noble Clerk II 518-442-3196
Susan Thayer Purchasing Assistant 518-437-4594
Financial Reporting & Collections
Jerold Gauriloff Director 518-437-5074
LuAnn Charbonneau Assistant Director 518-437-3893
Nicole Palladino Financial Reporting Specialist Team Leader 518-437-3877
Farhat Baloch Financial Reporting Specialist 518-437-5072
Erin Lupe Financial Reporting Specialist 518-437-3892
Siobhan Melanson Financial Reporting Specialist 518-437-3890
Grant Administration
Jerold Gauriloff Director 518-437-5074
Laurie Henry Grant Administrator -Team Leader 518-437-3871
Tiffany Catalfamo Grant Administrator 518-437-3864
Lori Hurley Grant Administrator 518-437-3870
E'Lan Jenkins Grant Administrator 518-437-3880
Vita Pagrizauskaite Grant Administrator 518-437-3837
Mahogany Ten Eyck Grant Administrator 518-437-3881
Labor Distribution
Jerold Gauriloff Director 518-437-5074
Nancy Marra Payroll Distribution Manager 518-437-3883
Deborah Chong Clerk II 518-437-3873
Jennifer Donnelly Labor Distribution Administrator 518-437-3888
Rebecca Keefe Labor Distribution Assistant 518-437-3849
Jerold Gauriloff Director 518-437-5074
Lynne Graham Purchasing Team Leader 518-437-4577
Willie Leong Senior Purchasing Associate 518-437-4583
Nick Marini Purchasing Associate 518-437-4584

Adrienne D. Bonilla, Esq.
Assistant Vice President for Research & Research Compliance Officer, Director



Research Subjects Protections, Policies
Human Subjects (IRB), Use of Animals (IACUC)

Jennifer Krausnick Regulatory Compliance Administrator 518-437-3896
Christine Lewandowski Regulatory Compliance Administrator 518-437-3820
Kanako Sumida-Ervin
Senior Regulatory Compliance Administrator 518-437-3844

Conflicts of Interest in Research, Export Controls and Research Integrity

Terrell Rabb Regulatory Affairs Administrator 518-437-4565

Laboratory Animal Resources

Tucker Glass
Research Laboratory Worker 518-591-8817

Kristine Klein Senior Laboratory Animal Caretaker 518-591-8818

Sharon Lonergan Senior Laboratory Animal Caretaker 518-591-7168

Antigone McKenna Veterinarian 518-437-4417

Timothy A. Quinn Facilities Manager 518-591-8817

Binoy Thomas Senior Laboratory Animal Caretaker 518-591-7168



Office for Innovation Development and Commercialization

Office: Earth Science & Mathematics 244
Phone: 518-442-3270
Fax: 518-442-3350

Theresa Walker, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Assistant Vice President for Research and Director of Innovation Development and Commercialization

Peter Gonczlik, M.B.A. 
Senior Technology Transfer Associate

Katherine Ashton
Intellectual Property and Docket Administrator