Federal Career Awards

Federal Career Awards Received by UAlbany Faculty

National Science Foundation
Name Department Title Duration
Justin Minder Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences  CAREER: The Mesoscale Climate Dynamics of Rocky Mountain Snow  2014-2019
Jeong-Hyon Hwang Computer    A Parallel System for 2012- 2017
   Science  Efficiently Processing  
     Large Graphs  
 Siwei Lyu  Computer A New Statistical   2010- 2015
   Science  Framework for Natural
     Images with Applications  
     in Vision  
Ian Davidson Computer Knowledge Enhanced 2007
  Science Clustering Using  
Marina Petrukhina Chemistry Buckybowls: A Controlled 2006-2009
    Switch of Metal  
Vincent LaBella Nanoscale Towards an Atomic Scale 2004-2008
  Science & Understanding of Spin  
  Engineering Polarized Electron  
Abbe Herzig Educational Students of 2004-2008
  Theory & Underrepresented  
  Practice Groups in Postdoctoral  
Rabi Musah Chemistry Organosulfur Natural 2003-2007
    Products Chemistry  
    REU Supplement – 2 students  
Cheryl Frye Psychology Neurosteroid Effects on 1998-2000


National Institutes of Health Career Development Awards
Name Department Title Duration
Zvi Gellis School of Social Mentored Research 2005-2010
  Welfare Scientist  
Thomas Begley Biomedical Science & Career Transition 2004-2007
  Gen*NY* Sis Ctr. for Award  
  Excellence in Cancer    
Bruce Dudek Psychology Independent 1994-1999
    Scientist Award  
John Hannigan Psychology Mentored Research 1987-1992
Edward Riley Psychology Independent 1984-1989
    Scientist Award  
Frank Andrasik Psychology Research Career 1983-1988
Nadrian Seeman Biological Sciences Research Career 1982-1987
Richard Zitomer Biological Sciences Research Career 1981-1986
Charles Scholes Chemistry Research Career 1976-1981
David Edwards Biological Sciences Research Career 1975-1980
Howard Stratton Epidemiology & Research Career 1975-1980
  Biostatistics Development  

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Name Department Title Duration
Xiaojun Yuan Information Studies 21st Century Librarians- Early Career Development Award for "Speak to Me: A Spoken Language Interface to Information Systems" 2010-2012