Late Registration

FALL 2012

(Late Registration Period - Fees apply)

August 28, 2012 - September 10, 2012

Students who did not register for ANY course prior to August 28, 2012 will incurr a Late Registration Fee of $40.  To be eligible to complete late registration via MyUAlbany, the student must:


  • Be admitted and eligible to enroll or continue studies for the Fall term.

  • Have obtained and entered their Advisement Verification Number.

  • Have resolved any Holds preventing registration.  Holds may be viewed on the MyUAlbany home page under "Important Notices".

  • Obtain a Class Permission number for each course for late registration after September 3rd.  


    UUP eligible students using the ECRP tution waiver for a Semester Length course must register or add that course begining on September 3rd.   The late registration fee will be waived automatically in cases where that course is the sole course for the semester.