Preferred First Name Policy

University at Albany Preferred First Name Policy

Change your preferred first name at the University at Albany via the links below:

Change your legal/primary name at the University at Albany via the links below:

Preferred First Name FAQ’s:

What is a Preferred First Name? A alternative first name designated by a student, faculty member, or University or affiliated entity staff, for use in certain situations and/or certain University documents. The University at Albany allows you to do this by setting a Preferred First Name field in MyUAlbany.

Who Can Modify a Preferred First Name? University at Albany students, faculty members, or University or affiliated entity staff can modify a Preferred First Name.

Can anyone update my Preferred First Name? No. Only you can update your preferred first name.

Can I set my Preferred First Name to whatever I want? You may designate a Preferred First Name as permitted by the procedures to be promulgated under this policy. However, the University reserves the right to remove a Preferred First Name if determined inappropriate.

Can I use my Preferred First Name for everything at the University? No. Your Preferred First Name can only be used and will only appear as designated by the procedures in the policy above. On all other University records and documents your legal/primary first name will appear.