Planning for Advance Registration


Prior to developing your schedule for the term, Undergraduates should obtain a copy of your Degree Audit, via MyUAlbany,  Then make an appointment with your academic advisor.  Consultation with your advisor is a necessary first step to Advance Registration.  Advisement is provided in part so that students have the opportunity to review progress towards degree or other educational objectives and obtain help in the development of an appropriate program of study.  Your advisor will issue you an Advisement Verification Number (AVN).

NOTE:  Undergraduate students may not register for more than 19 credits without permission of the Dean of Undergraduate Education.  This limit extends through the Program Adjustment period.

After advisement, select course sections according to the information contained in the on-line Schedule of Classes.  Be careful not to schedule time conflicts for lecture, lab or discussion sections.  Be sure to read all footnotes or comments applicable to the section of courses that you select.  In some cases it will be necessary for you to obtain instructor or departmental approval to enter a particular course.  This permission consists of a "Permission Number", and typically is available only from the professor of the course.

Students enroll for specific sections of courses by entering the 4 or 5 digit class number.  If a course section requires "permission" (see notes/comments/special restrictions appearing with the course in the Schedule), you must obtain a Permission Number from the designated faculty member.  Similarly, if a course section is closed, the Permission Number would be required.  Students are eligible to register based on an Appointment Schedule according to academic status.  Students whose records are encumbered with "holds" placed by one or more University offices must contact the office (s) that placed the hold(s) and have the hold(s) released.  If this is not accomplished, registration will not be permitted.

NOTE:  During registration periods, there may be delays at offices that place and remove holds.  It is best not to wait until your scheduled registration day to clear a hold.  You can view details for any holds on MyUAlbany.

Graduate students are eligible to register as of the first day of Advance Registration.  An enrollment appointment start date and time can be found on MyUAlbany under the "When Can I Enroll" link.

Undergraduate students are eligible to register on a seniority basis, by number of credits completed (view “When Can I Enroll” on MyUAlbany).  You are urged to register during the time period designated for you.  However, if you miss your time, you may register anytime following your appointment.


Your initial registration date is based on the number of credits you have earned.  Earned credits does not include credit for courses you are currently taking.  The date and time you may begin registration for the upcoming semester is assigned based on your total number of credits earned.  The more credits you have earned the earlier your appointment will be.  In some cases where large numbers of students have the same number of credits, appointments may be spread over two or more appointment times.  You may register at any time between your “Enrollment Appointment” start date/time and your end date/time. 

To view your Enrollment Appointment dates and time on MyUAlbany, go to “When can I enroll” under “Steps to Enroll” on the left side of the screen.  Then select the term for which you wish to register.  The resulting screen will display the start date and time and end date and time when you can register for your classes. 

Your specific appointment will begin within the dates listed below:

Number of earned credits: Your appointment will start between:
88 and over  March 29 thru April 3
87 through 56    April 4 thru April 12  
55 through 24 April 12 thru April 19
23 through 0 April 19 thru April 24  



  1. Students admitted to the University for graduate study are classified "graduate".
  2. Students admitted to the University for non-degree undergraduate studies are classified "non-degree".
  3. Students admitted to the University for undergraduate degree study are classified according to the number of credits they have completed toward their degrees, as follows:

      Classification  Credits Completed Classification Credits Completed
      Freshman Fewer than 24 Junior 56 - 87
      Sophomore 24 - 55 Senior 88 or more


    Classification status for students in group "c", above, has been determined according to credits earned towards degree which are a part of the student's academic record.  Unfinished coursework from prior terms (Incomplete) does not count in the calculation of academic classification. Nor does coursework in which a student is currently enrolled.

    Questions regarding classification should be directed to the Registrar's Office - Campus Center B52.