Loan Deferment

Enrollment Certificates should not be used for deferment purposes. Most lenders and loan servicing organizations that participate in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) also participate in our paperless deferment process. With this process, no paper forms need to be completed by either students or schools. Students must simply call their servicer to request deferment. The servicer then posts a deferment to the student's account after the student's verbal order is matched against the NSC electronic data verifying in-school status.

Full-time status is certified by the following policy:

  • Full-time undergraduate students = 12+ credits per term.
  • Full-time graduate students = 9+ credits per term.
  • Full-time graduate students = 1+ credit of courses numbered 899 (Dissertation Load).

Three quarter-time status (effective Fall 2014): 9-11 credits per term (Undergraduate students).
Half-time status: 6-8 credits per term.
Less than half-time status: 1-5 credits per term.