Failure to Attend Class

Beginning on the seventh class day, instructors may de-register students who fail to attend class, explain absence, or drop officially within the first six days of classes of a term unless prior arrangements have been made by the student with the instructor.  The policy to de-register students is limited to the add period at the beginning of the semester.  For courses that meet only once each week, including laboratory courses, the instructor may deregister students who do not attend the first scheduled class. A "class day" is defined below.

The above policy applies to Spring and Fall semester eight-week courses on a prorated basis, depending on the length of the course in question.  Students cannot be deregistered for lack of attendance in the Summer or Winter terms.

WARNING: Not all faculty exercise this prerogative.  The fact that you did not attend a course does not guarantee that your professor dropped you from the course.  Students must take the responsibility for dropping a course via MyUAlbany (, if they wish to avoid an "E" or "Z" in that course.

Lack of Prerequisite(s)

Students may be deregistered who lack the prerequisite(s) of the course at any time within the term or session the course is being taught. The Registrar will assign students who have been deregistered after the program adjustment period a grade of W for the course.


QUESTION:  What is a class day?

ANSWER:  A class day is defined by the University as any day Monday through Friday when classes are in session.  Even if the class only meets once per week and you miss one class meeting, you could still be de-registered under this policy. Please consult the Academic Calendar for term dates.

QUESTION:  How does this policy affect you?

ANSWER:   It will not affect you if you attend class.  If you do not attend class during the first six days of the semester, explain your absence to the satisfaction of the professor or drop the course, the instructor has the authority to de-register you beginning the seventh class day until the end of the ADD period UNLESS you have made prior arrangements with the instructor.

QUESTION:  What constitutes prior arrangements?

ANSWER:    It is up to the individual faculty member teaching the course to explain the contents of "prior arrangements."  The same also applies to what constitutes a valid explanation of your absence.

QUESTION:  What if an instructor drops me, how will I know?

ANSWER:  You may check your registration schedule on the web using MyUAlbany.

QUESTION:  If I am dropped will I owe money for the course?

ANSWER:  Whether or not you owe money for the dropped course depends upon your status after the drop and the date of the drop.  Please see the Tuition Liability Schedule on the Student Financial Services web site (

QUESTION:  If I am dropped, will my financial aid be affected?

ANSWER:  It depends on the aid program.  Some programs, such as TAP and PELL, require full-time status (12+credits) for a full award.  Other programs, such as Stafford, SLS, or PLUS loans, require only 6 or more credits for a full award.  Even if your current status is not affected, loss of credits could affect your meeting academic progress requirements in subsequent semesters.  If you have aid, you should check with the Financial Aid Office for advice before you choose not to attend class, or before you drop yourself to less than full-time status.

QUESTION: Will I have time to add another course?

ANSWER:  Not necessarily.  You may if you check your registration and find that your course was dropped prior to the last day to add without a class permission number.  However, the de-registration action by the professor will take place only if you are not responsible enough to attend class or drop the course.  You will need to obtain a Permission Number from the faculty member teaching the individual section of the course you want to add.  The ADD must be processed by the last day to add with a class permission number. (although we recommend no later than 5:00 p.m. in case assistance in needed.).  The dates for eight week courses are different.  See the academic calendar.