Absence Due to Religious Observance

The University is committed to ensuring that every student will have the right to pursue their education while practicing their faith. 

To accomplish this, the University has undertaken the following strategic steps:

  • Continued emphasis on New York State Law:
    • Absence due to religious observance. New York State Education Law (Section 224-a) - Campuses are required to excuse, without penalty, individual students absent because of religious beliefs, and to provide equivalent opportunities for make-up examinations, study, or work requirements missed because of such absences.  Faculty should work directly with students to accommodate religious observances. Students should notify the instructor of record in a timely manner.
  • A listing of major religious holidays will be published with the academic planning calendar to ensure that the campus is aware of the major religious observances practiced by our students, faculty, and staff.


  • All student absences, due to religious observance, will be viewed as 'excused absences', with no negative consequences.
    • Students will be expected to notify faculty, in a timely manner, of their intention to be absent from class or their need for an equivalent opportunity for making up work, missed exams, etc. due to religious observance.
  • Undergraduate students who encounter issues should contact the Office of Undergraduate Education at 518-442-3950 or UGEducation@albany.edu
  • Graduate students who encounter issues should contact the Office of Graduate Education at graduate@albany.edu


  • Faculty are asked, whenever possible, to avoid scheduling examinations, papers, presentations or other assignments to be due on any of the major listed holidays. When unavoidable, students must be given the opportunity for an equivalent make-up.
  • All courses are registered on Blackboard, the University's online course management system. It is suggested that faculty post their lecture notes, and any other materials, for classes taking place on any of the major holidays so that all students can access course material. The Education Technology Center (ETC) is available for further consultation. Appointments and online resources are available via their site. They can also be reached at 518-442-4288 and have consulting hours available, as well.