The Shepherd Project

The Shepherd Project is a new approach to achieving the goals of diversity and inclusiveness in graduate education. Instead of focusing primarily on recruiting individual students, The Shepherd Project establishes long-term partnerships with faculty at institutions that have a track record of producing minority baccalaureates. The key to success is an emphasis on a “win-win” philosophy in the partnerships. We will bring prospective faculty partners to campus to interact with colleagues in their respective fields. These meetings will facilitate research and recruitment collaborations. Faculty at the targeted institutions win because they will have opportunities to advance their research agendas. UAlbany wins because these “shepherds,” the mentors of students at targeted partner institutions, will direct their best graduates to our Ph.D. programs. Thus, the Shepherd Project will facilitate the development of a strong and self-sustaining pipeline of excellent minority Ph.D. students.


Hayward Horton

Phone: (518) 442-4907