The RNA Institute

The RNA Institute, comprised of more than 40 corporate, government, and university research entities, serves as a sustainable resource for the research and discovery of medical interventions and diagnostics aimed at treating a range of diseases -- from breast cancer to drug-resistant bacterial (MRSA) and viral infections, drug-resistant TB and HIV, depression, and neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders such as ALS and neurofibromatosis. 
The RNA Institute provides faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and postdocs, and corporate scientists with unique RNA research resources that include lab and office space and high end instrumentation dedicated to RNA technology development and RNA research.  These physical research resources will enable growth, sustainability and retention of intellectual capital throughout New York.  Institute programs such as the Interdisciplinary Pilot Research Program, Student Venture Fund Program, and Public-Private Partnership Program create a supportive environment for RNA research and technological entrepreneurship for developing and commercializing inventions.

Our programs include:
Student Venture Fund Program,
Interdisciplinary Pilot Research program,
Public-Private Partnerships,


Jennifer Montimurro

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