Service Outcomes Action Research (SOAR)

SOAR involves faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students from the Schools of Criminal Justice, Social Welfare and Education and two Albany family and youth service agencies, LaSalle School and St. Anne Institute, collaborating to implement evidence based treatments through developmental research in practice settings. SOAR was initiated by the two agencies, which requested assistance in understanding what interventions worked best with which clients. SOAR has conducted a pilot study of 130 youths and their families as the youths go through the Residential Treatment Centers. SOAR is also developing a model for measuring services and results in LaSalle’s Family Preservation Program and has done some preliminary work with its Evening Reporting Center. The project received initial support through the NYS Juvenile Justice Committee and has been supported by the agencies and the university since 2004. SOAR publications are listed on the Hindelang Research Center website.


Dana Peterson

Phone: (518) 442-5711
School, college, division or unit: School of Criminal Justice