Regional Adult Education Network, East (RAEN, East)

The primary mission of the Regional Adult Education Network is to improve educational outcomes for adult students by providing professional development courses for teachers working with adult learners. Training and Technical Assistance is designed to increase opportunities for adults to enter, retain and improve employment, enter post-secondary colleges and universities, career and technical schools and improve literacy levels for families in New York State. Courses, training and workshops are developed using scientific and evidence based research that supports professionals in working with specific learners. Continuous program improvement trainings are offered based on current data and statistics from city school districts, BOCES and post-secondary institutions. The RAEN provides over 400 hours of training in required NYS Education Department curriculum, assessment and accountability (80%) and technical assistance based on local and regional needs assessment (20%) to approximately 1200 adult educators annually. The RAEN also promotes education, business, and community partnerships for adult educators. RAEN, Capital North funding is provided through the State University of New York Research Foundation, University at Albany, School of Education and the New York State Department of Education, Adult Career and Continuing Education Services, Workforce Investment Act, Title II funding.

Contact: Tanya Lipinski
Phone: (518) 442-4931
School, college, division or unit: School of Education