Econometric Research Institute

Using funding from the New York State Division of Budget, the Econometric Research Institute – a research arm of the UAlbany Economics department – has been conducting surveys of business firms and economic professionals since 2000. The main purpose of these surveys is to monitor the economic health the New York economy in real time, and the results are used in New York State revenue forecasting process. The Econometric Research Institute’s two major projects equip business and other leaders with important information. One is the development of a transportation index to be used as a leading economic indicator. The second involves conducting two economic surveys to monitor the state’s economy: a quarterly Blue Chip type survey of economic experts, and a bi-annual establishment survey. Many undergraduate and graduate students assist with the research of these projects on a regular basis.


Kajal Lahiri

Phone: (518) 442-4758
School, college, division or unit: College of Arts and Sciences