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The School of Criminal Justice has sponsored several widely attended conferences and public forums. The conferences and public events have included: The Death Penalty in New York: Past, Present, and Future (Professor James Acker); Zero Tolerance Policing (Professors James Acker and Wayne Logan); Hate Crimes (Professors James Acker, Colin Loftin, and Wayne Logan); Lessons from the Diallo Case (Professor James Acker); and Restorative Justice: Healing Harms and Preventing Violence Among Youth (Professor James Acker and Adjunct Professor Dennis Sullivan). In October 2000, the School cosponsored a conference focusing on Crime, Science and Ethics in connection with an exhibit at the University Art Museum, "Searching the Criminal Body: Art/Science/Prejudice, 1840s to Present." In 2006, the Albany Symposium on Crime and Justice was titled "The Next Generation of Death Penalty Research: Priorities, Strategies and an Agenda."


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