Community and Public Service Program (RSSW 290, 291 and 390)

The Community and Public Service Program (CPSP) has helped UAlbany students make a volunteer commitment to the Capital Region since 1970. Administered by the School of Social Welfare, the program annually places over 1,100 students from all majors in more than 300 non-profit organizations and public agencies throughout the Capital Region. Students perform 60 or 100 hours of service for 2 or 3 credits of service learning. These students donate up to 52,500 hours of services, contributing about $420,000 in voluntary community service. New initiatives focus on sustainable partnerships and facilitating community technical assistance and research needs with faculty and student expertise across disciplines. Projects include an enhanced partnership with Albany City Schools including serving as a common point of entry for any UAlbany students interested in volunteering in a city public school and the pilot Albany-Community Together (ACT) Team model.

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Contact: Sheri Stevens, LMSW
Phone: (518) 442-5683
School, college, division or unit: School of Social Welfare

The CPSP and Albany City Schools

CPSP staff works closely with the Albany City Schools volunteer coordinator, Fiona Thompson. We informally serve as a single point of entry for all UAlbany students interested in volunteering for any of the Albany public schools (outside of EDU 390 students). Together we developed a model, the ACT Team, which creates blocks of time for UAlbany student volunteers within individual schools.  This model was presented to an “all administrator” meeting within the school district in January and was approved to pilot this spring.  We currently have approximately 15 students volunteering through the CPSP for credit in Albany City School District; eight in the high school and the rest scattered throughout the district.  We also have a number of students volunteering for credit through their UAlbany student organization but completing their hours at city schools, both public and charter and organizations that provide services to children (examples: 22 volunteer for DREAM Org serving city charter schools, 20 for RACE serving Eagle Point and the Boys and Girls Club and 8 for Sankofa, serving Albany High).  Many of our partner organizations provide tutoring and mentoring services to school aged children within the city of Albany. We encourage volunteers to choose these sites when they are interested in mentoring or they are undecided.  Currently we have 22 UAlbany students serving at 5 different organizations providing out-of-school services.