Center for Functional Genomics

The Center for Functional Genomics (CFG), part of the Cancer Research Center, maintains a comprehensive state-of-the-art research facility to support a wide range of services that are offered on a fee-per service basis to commercial and academic organizations. The center is able to coordinate efforts among its different facilities so that it can accommodate researchers in projects from start to finish. For example, the CFG is able to isolate genes, design and make DNA constructs through our Molecular Biology Facility, then coordinate with the Mouse Transgenic Facility to make Transgenic or Knock-out mice and then the mice generated can be analyzed at the DNA, RNA or Protein levels through our Molecular Biology, Microarray, Laser Capture Microdissection or Proteomics Facilities.

CFG offers services in genomics, proteomics, transgenics, microarray, and laser capture microdissection.


Martin Tenniswood

Phone: (518) 591-7200

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