Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA)

The Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) is an outreach arm of the School of Education providing services to 120 school districts.  Organized in 1949, CASDA is the largest program of its kind in the nation, and serves as a cooperative planning and development unit through which schools and agencies can share information and serve their communities; promote cooperation between University and affiliated school districts; respond to requests for information by providing research as needed; act as consultants to provide services to affiliated school districts; organize seminars and one-day conferences for school librarians, reading instructors, supervisors, teachers and other education professionals each year.  CASDA faculty and staff continue to have a close relationship with the administration and faculty of the Albany City School District. Working in both middle schools and the high school specifically around: curriculum and instruction, curriculum alignment and mapping, school climate and culture, and building leadership. This work centers around a continuing model of improvement of professional development.


James Butterworth

Phone: (518) 512-5198
School, college, division or unit: School of Education