Institute for Informatics, Logics, and Security Studies

ILS is a multi-disciplinary organization conducting advanced research and Ph.D. level graduate education in various aspects of computational informatics. The Institute's mission is to increase the University at Albany's reputation and visibility as a center of excellence in information technology research and education, contributing to various University-wide initiatives such as bio-informatics, information science, information assurance and security. Through collaboration with key members of academia, government, and industry, the Institute is working to develop educational programs, advance pioneering research, create innovative technologies, transfer valuable knowledge and expertise, and foster an environment of cooperation and trust among its partners. The Institute is sponsoring a computational informatics seminar series, and serves as a host for visitors from industry, academia, and research-sponsoring government agencies


Lynne Casper

Phone: 518 442-2605
School, college, division or unit: College of Computing and Information
Department or subunit: Department of Informatics