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Spring 2012 8week2 Calendar

Published on 3/26/2018

Wed, March 21 - Thu, March 22

UUP eligible students using ECRP waiver Register/Add on or after these dates - 8week2 courses

Thu, March 22

Students adding 8week2 courses after this date will require Permission Numbers from instructors

Mon, March 26

Last day for students to add 8week2 courses with Permission Numbers from instructors;
Last day to drop 8week2 courses without receiving “W’s”

Tue, April 17

Last day for GRADUATE students to drop 8week2 courses with a “W”

Fri, April 20

Last day for UNDERGRADUATE students to drop 8week2 courses with a “W”
Last day for UNDERGRADUATE students  to file S/U option or return to A-E for 8week2 course