Why Redesign

The redesign of the University at Albany’s website will bring improvements to our site’s visual design, structure, navigation and managing of content. 
The redesign project has several key goals:

  • Make the site user-friendly and information tool for UAlbany’s primary audience – prospective students and their influencers – while still serving the needs of current students and members of our internal and external community.
  • User-centric, rather than organization-driven information architecture and navigation.
  • Cohesive and appealing new visual design that provides flexibility while upholding the current branding standards.
  • Improved functionality resulting in a more streamlined user experience.
  • Updated technology to comply with current technology standards.
  • Simplification of maintenance using Drupal for the new content management system.
  • Shift to a responsive design framework so the website is viewable on any number of platforms including computers, tablets and mobile devices of varying sizes.