What will be changing during this website transition?

During this round of transitions your website will move into the redesigned templates. Your site will still be managed with Drupal and training will be provided so you can maintain your site going forward. 

What are my responsibilities during my site’s transition?

Your responsibility involves:

  1. Complete website review prior to the launch of your transitioned site.  This includes verification of accuracy of your site’s menu, landing page photos, and content throughout your site.  The web design team will let you know when you should begin your review, as well as, a deadline to complete your review. 
  2. Identify who on your staff should be given access to Drupal.
  3. Identify who on your staff should be trained in Drupal.

Which phase will my site transition take place in?

There are three phases to transitioning sites over into the new templates.  The detailed list of site migration is taking place now, however, here is a general scope of who will be in which phase.

Phase 1
Includes the homepage, second level pages off of the homepage, schools/colleges, admissions, student affairs pages that touch prospective students.

Phase 2
Includes school/colleges departments & administrative offices/departments  

Phase 3
Includes Centers & Institutes