How to add a Left Nav link - with a redirect

How to add a Left Nav link with a redirect to an external URL.

  1. Navigate to the Main Foundation Page of your department/school 
  2. Open the Main Foundation Page RedDot (under the Minerva)

  3. Select the 'Manage Child Pages' RedDot

  4. Select 'Create and Connect Page'

  5. Type in the name you want ( For example - 'Student Learning Objectives'), click 'OK'

  6. The page will refresh, you'll see the new link in the Left Nav
  7. Click on the newly created link, it will bring you to the newly created foundation page, it will be empty
  8. Open the Foundation RedDot, click on the gray 'F' in the bottom right corner of the page, this will switch it to Form View

  9. Find the dropdown 'Do you want this page to link to an external URL not on your pages?', change the answer to 'Yes'

  10. Click on the 'Save' button, then click on the first gray button at the bottom right (where the 'F' is)

  11. Click on 'Yes' for the pop-up
  12. There should be new content in the Center area now

  13. Click on the RedDot and enter the URL to the page you want to link to ( For example :

  14. Click on 'OK'