Publishing Overview

UAlbany web pages are created and edited on the RedDot web server. After the edits are complete they are published to the UAlbany web server. Once the pages are published to the UAlbany web server they will be "live" on the UAlbany website.

Each page piece of a web page needs to be published. If you edit one page piece, for example the Contact Box, you will need to publish the Contact Box page piece. If you create a new page and page pieces you will publish the new page from the Home page of your site. 

There are three steps to publishing:

  1. Submit to workflow: Workflow is an approval process for pages that are created or modified. When a page or page piece is created or modified it may need to be approved by someone other than the editor before it is published live to the website. At UAlbany most departments do not have an approval process, however, pages and page pieces still need to be submitted to workflow.
  2. Release: Once the page or page piece is submitted to workflow and approved, it will need to be released to save all the edits before publishing.
  3. Publish: When the page or page piece has been released it is ready to be published from the RedDot web server to the UAlbany web server.  

Publishing Documentation

Publishing Multiple Page Pieces
This option for publishing page pieces is a best practice if you are editing multiple page pieces on a particular page. This process ensures that all page pieces are submitted to workflow and released before publishing.

Publishing a Single Page Piece on an Existing Page
This option for publishing a page piece is a simpler method if you are editing only one page piece at a time on a particular page.

Publishing a New Web Page
These steps are for publishing a newly created web page that is linked from the left navigation menu and corresponding page pieces for that page.