How to Link to an Internal Web Page

Links to internal web pages (web pages within your website) can be created within your text using the Text Editor. The example below shows how to add a link within the Body Text in the center content area of the web page.

Note: In order to create the Internal Link, you must first look up the RedDot Page ID of the page you want to link to. In Reddot navigate to the page you wish to link to and write down the foundation Page ID number. It is in parenthesis next to the foundation Open Page reddot under the logo. This Page ID will be used in the Page Search section in Step 7 below.  

Open Page


  1. Click the Open Intro Text red dot in the center content area. This will reveal the red dots for the editable areas in the center of the page.
    Open Intro Text red dot

  2. Click on the Body Text red dot. This will open the Text Editor window.
    Body Text red dot

  3. In the Text Editor, highlight the text that you want to link. Make sure you do not highlight any spaces and punctuation before and after the text.
    Highlighted text in the editor
  4. Click on the Insert or Edit Link icon from the toolbar. Insert or Edit Link Icon  This will open the Insert or Edit Link window.   
    Insert or Edit Link icon
  5. Click the Select button on the Insert or Edit Link window. This will open the Page Search window.
    Select button
  6. Click the green dot with a “+” sign symbol next to the Page ID drop down box. This will reveal the Value field. 
    Page search by page id button

  7.  Enter the Page ID number for the page that you want to link to in the Value field. 
    Page ID search value field
  8. Click the Start button on the lower right of the window. This will open the Search Results window. 
    Start button
  9. Click the bold, underlined headline in the Result list to select the page. This will bring you back to the Insert or Edit Link window.
    Search results list
  10. The results will appear in the Insert or Edit Link Page box. Click OK. This will bring you back to the Text Editor.
    Insert or Edit Link page results
  11. The text that you linked should now display in blue. Click the OK button on the bottom right of the Text Editor window. This will bring you back to the SmartEdit window.
    Text editor results highlighted in blue
  12. The SmartEdit window will display the link that has been successfully added and highlighted in blue.
    Internal link results in blue
  13. You are now done adding the link and can publish the page piece