Homepage News - Image/Text Pairs

Managing Your Homepage News with RedDot

An image-text pair consists of:

  1. Picture
  2. Headline
  3. Text story description. A few sentences.
  4. A web address of the story.

It can link to a story on your site, the University's site or to another site like the New York Times, the Journal of the American Medical Association, or the Albany Times Union.

Example of the formatting of image-text pairs

Overview: Create on your archive and post a copy of it on your homepage
A pair is first created on your site's news archive page. Then a homepage keyword is added to that image-text pair to place a copy of the image-text pair on your homepage as well. When you want to remove it from your homepage, you remove that homepage keyword from the image-text pair, and it disappears from your homepage, but it still lives on in you your news archive.

Get a web address for a news story.
The first step is getting a web address (AKA "URL") for a news story.

Create an image-text pair on your news archive page.
The width of the picture needs to be 163 pixels wide and around 130 pixels high. You can use Microsoft Paint of Photoshop to get your pictures to the right size.

Assigning Keywords to Image-Text Pairs
Then, when you’ve created the image/text pair, open that individual story pair up and right click. Select “Assign Keywords.”

Each image-text pair should get 4 keywords.

  1. Page Type: College Homepage
  2. Page Type: Teaser News
  3. School, College or Home Unit: Your School
  4. Year: This year.

Keyworrds for news homepage image-text pairsFrom the Window that opens up, click the green plus sign next to the word “Add”.

In the Select Keyword window, from the Category drop down, select “School College or Home Unit.” Then below select the keyword for your school or office. Then click the OK button. Every Image/Text Pair you create should be keyworded as belonging to your school.

Now to add that Image/Text Pair to your home page, again click the green plus sign next to the word “Add.” This time find the Category “Page Type” and select that. Then find the keyword, “College Homepage.” Select that keyword and add it. That will automatically add it to the list of stories for your home page.

RedDot edit link menuOrder the stories on your homepage.

Also, In the “External News Stories” section, I realized that I don’t have the “red dot” so it doesn’t allow me to make any changes (adding, removing, etc.).

Publish the homepage stories page.

Then you're done.