Harold Gould as a UAlbany Student
Harold Gould ’47
Five-Time Emmy Nominated Actor

After years as a professor, he became a full-time actor in 1961. The big time arrived in 1972 with "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," playing the father of Rhoda, a part he expanded in the spin-off. Film fame came in 1973 as Kid Twist in The Sting. New generations know him as Lindsay Lohan's grandpa in 2003's Freaky Friday.
Harold Gould ’47
B.A. English and Social Studies New York College of Teachers
Ph.D. Theatre Arts Cornell University
Launched TV and
film career
numerous roles
Co-starred with
Paul Newman in
The Sting
Starred in hit TV
series "Rhoda"
Played "Grandpa" with Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday



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