Online Ordering Registration

To register for online ordering, please submit our ONLINE ORDERING REGISTRATION FORM. The information will be received by the Office of Purchasing and Contracts and forwarded to the appropriate vendor(s).

From this form, you may select from the following vendors:

Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead:

Office Supplies:

Industrial Supplies:

Laboratory Chemicals & Supplies:

You must be authorized to place orders on the accounts that you select. If you are not currently authorized to place orders for any accounts that you selected, please complete the Online Orders Account Authorization Form. Please have the Account Manager sign and date the form and fax it to the Office of Purchasing and Contracts at (518) 437-4571.

There are two types of registrations:

  1. New Registration: this is to be selected for first time registrations
  2. Amended Registration: this is to be selected to update the profile of a current user.
    • Please enter the reason for the amendment. Examples:
      • Relocated
      • New Approver
      • Adding new Ship To
      • Adding new State account

If your orders require approval, select "yes" and boxes for the following will appear and the information will need to be completed:

  • Approver First and Last Name
  • Approver E-Mail

Account Information:

The 8 digit account is required. The 8 digits are comprised of the 6 digit account number plus the 2 digit sub-account. If the account does not have a sub-account number, please enter 00.

  • Multiple accounts must be separated by a semi-colon.
  • Do not place a semi-colon after the last account.

Prior to submitting, please review your information and print for your records. If information is missing or has been entered incorrectly, a pop-up will appear and you will need to correct that information in order to submit the form.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Purchasing and Contracts with any issues or questions.

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