FAQs: How do I fill out a purchase requisition?

See a Sample Purchase Requisition.

The requisition is used as an authorized transmittal of information in order for the Office of State Funded Purchasing and Contracts to process your purchase request. The requisition is available via the Office of State Funded Purchasing and Contracts website. Please note that for purchases of $4,999.99 or less, the state procurement card must be used.

Please note the following information:

  1. A requisition can be completed online. Upon completion, please review, print, and sign the requisition. E-mailed requisitions cannot be accepted.
  2. Prior to submitting the requisition, please check that the account being charged has sufficient funds.
  3. If you are sending maintenance agreements, software licenses or any other contract that requires an authorized campus signature you must send the original of the agreement along with the requisition to the Office of State Funded Purchasing and Contracts for review and forwarding to the University Controller for signature. Only the University Controller is authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the University.
  4. If you have received, faxed or written quotes on the items please attach then/it to the requisition and also enter the vendor(s) information in vendor section of the requisition.
  5. A detailed description of what you would like to purchase must be included on the requisition. As you enter the description, please be as specific as possible by including such information as model number, color, size, packaging, etc. If you have received information from a vendor, please include that information in this area as well. Freight terms should be mentioned as well. If the vendor will be charging freight, please enter the amount or note if it is an estimate. If you know, freight will be charged but have not determined the amount note "Freight Prepay & Add". Please reference the name of the salesperson and the date the price was given. If you have information from a catalog or website, please include that information as well. If you cannot fit all of the items in the description field please attach a separate sheet of paper to the requisition and note that a continuation sheet is attached.
  6. As part of the description, please list the end user(s), if it is going to be added to another machine provide that machine's information and if it is not going to be located in the delivery list the room where it will be located.
  7. Completed purchase requisitions can be faxed to the Office of State Funded Purchasing and Contracts at 437-4571 or mailed to MSC 302. E-mailed requisitions cannot be accepted.

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