FAQs: How do I prevent delays in processing my order?

  1. Procurements for $4,999.99 or less must be done via a departmental issued state procurement card.
  2. Requisitions must be completed online, printed, and signed by an authorized account manager. Prior to submitting your requisition, please review your account balance to ensure that the funds are available for the procurement.
  3. A detailed description of what you would like to purchase must be included on the requisition. As you enter the description please be as specific as possible by including such information as model number, color, size, packaging, etc. If you have received information from a vendor please include that information in this area as well. Freight terms should be mentioned as well. If the vendor will be charging freight please enter the amount or note if it is an estimate. If you know freight will be charged but have not determined the amount note "Freight Prepay & Add". Please reference the name of the salesperson and the date the price was given. If you have information from a catalog or website, please include that information as well. If you cannot fit all of the items in the description field please attach a separate sheet of paper to the requisition and note that a continuation sheet is attached.
  4. As part of the description, please list the end user(s), if it is going to be added to another machine provide that machine's information and if it is not going to be located in the delivery list the room where it will be located.
  5. If you have received a quote for the items please attach it and enter the vendor(s) information in vendor section of the requisition.
  6. All requisitions must have a date required.
  7. Include department contact person, contact person phone number, building and room number of delivery, as well as the phone number of the vendor, if known.
  8. Make use of preferred sources and OGS contracts when ever possible and note the contract number in the description section of the requisition.
  9. The Office of Purchasing and Contracts has developed a step-by-step presentation on how to complete the online requisition.

PLEASE NOTE: If any changes are being made to the listing of authorized signatures, it is the ACCOUNT HOLDER'S RESPONSIBILITY to submit this information to the Accounting Office for system updating before the requisition is sent to the Office of State Purchasing & Contracts for processing.

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