Multi-Center Trial of a Standardized Battery of Tests of Mouse Behavior

A project funded by the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research via the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

This web site reports the status of a MultiCenter research effort on behavioral profiles of genetically defined stocks of mice. The study coordinated a standardized behavioral test battery at three separate laboratory sites in micebred in house or shipped in from commercial sources. A detailed description of the study, its data set, and supplemental information to a SCIENCE paper (284: 1670-1674, June 4, 1999) are available.

Principal Investigators:

John C. Crabbe, Oregon Health Sciences University and Portland VA Medical Center
Douglas Wahlsten, Unversity of Alberta
Bruce C. Dudek, University at Albany

General Information on the Origins of the Study.
Slide show presentation on rationale, procedures, and results. This presentationcan be found in images optimized for 800x600 video resolutions, or 640x480 resolutions
Images and video clips of apparatus.
Detailed Protocols of the study, including husbandry and behavioral test procedures.
Data sets from the behavioral test battery.
Notes and elaborations on statistical analyses accomplished on the data set for the SCIENCE paper.

Comments, Questions, or Critiques on this Project? Email B. Dudek at [email protected]. Crabbe, Wahlsten and Dudek will compose replies and post relevant ones here in a separate web page. If there is enough demand, we will set up a discussion list.

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