Faculty and Staff

The Department of Psychology has a large and vital community of academic psychologists consisting of 35 faculty and over 100 graduate students, as well as a large undergraduate program. There are also nearly 60 psychologists working in other departments at the University at Albany.

Faculty office hours are always displayed on the bulletin board outside of the SS 399.

A link to current office hours can also be found here.

 Name  Program Area  Academic Rank
 Jeanette Altarriba  Cognitive  Professor
 Drew Anderson  Clinical   Associate Professor 
 James Boswell  Clinical  Associate Professor
 Ho Kwan Cheung  I/O  Assistant Professor
 Kristin Christodulu  Clinical   Clinical Associate Professor 
 Dev Dalal  I/O  Assistant Professor
 Bruce C. Dudek  Behavioral Neuroscience  Professor 
 Laurie B. Feldman  Cognitive  Professor 
 Mitch Earleywine  Clinical  Professor 
 John P. Forsyth  Clinical  Professor 
 Ronald S. Friedman


 Associate Professor, Area Head
 Cheryl A. Frye   Behavioral Neuroscience  Professor 
 Gordon G. Gallup   Behavioral Neuroscience  Professor Emeritus
 Brendan Gaesser  Social/Personality  Assistant Professor
 Elana Gordis   Clinical  Associate Professor 
 Leslie F. Halpern   Clinical  Associate Professor and Chair
 Julia M. Hormes   Clinical  Associate Professor 
 Betty Lin  Clinical  Assistant Professor
 Ewan McNay   Behavioral Neuroscience  Associate Professor, Area Head
 Mark Muraven   Social/Personality
 James H. Neely   Cognitive  Professor, Area Head
 W. Trammell Neill   Cognitive  Professor 
 Anna Newheiser
 Assistant Professor
 Andrew Poulos  Behavioral Neuroscience  Assistant Professor
 Hazel M. Prelow   Clinical  Associate Professor and DCT
 Jason Randall  I/O  Assistant Professor
 Sylvia Roch  I/O

 Associate Professor, Area Head, Graduate Director

 Robert A. Rosellini   Behavioral Neuroscience  Distinguished Teaching Professor,
Undergraduate Director 
 Heather Sheridan  Cognitive  Assistant Professor
 James R. Stellar  Behavioral Neuroscience  Professor
 Marcia Sutherland   Social/Personality  Associate Professor 
 Bruce B. Svare   Behavioral Neuroscience  Professor 
 Christine K. Wagner   Behavioral Neuroscience
 Kevin Williams  I/O   Professor
 Joanna Workman
 Behavioral Neuroscience
 Assistant Professor
 Edelgard Wulfert  Clinical   Professor
 Damian Zuloaga
 Behavioral Neuroscience
 Assistant Professor