Ho Kwan Cheung

Ho Kwan Cheung

Assistant Professor


Social Science 377
Ho Kwan Cheung

My research focuses on understanding experiences of women in the workplace, particularly as it intersects with the work-family interface. Despite the increasing representation of women in the American workforce, gender discrimination persists in a number of forms such as wage discrepancies and sexual harassment. Women’s changeable roles through life, as they go through pregnancy to motherhood, also add extra challenges to their career development due to the stigma associated with motherhood. As such, my research attempts to address these issues by 1) evaluating the consequences of discrimination against women, particularly in the form of barriers to work-life balance, and 2) identifying individual and organizational strategies to ensure a women- and family-friendly workplace.

Aside from the focus on gender discrimination and family, I also have a broad interests in experiences of people with other stigmatized social identities, such as mental illnesses, learning disabilities, LGBT, etc. My research involves a variety of methodologies including laboratory experiments, field experiments, surveys, and longitudinal archival data to capture different perspectives of stigmatized individuals in the workplace. My research often takes on a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing from not only perspectives in Psychology, but also those in Sociology, Economics, and Public Policy, in order to answer questions in my domains of interests.