Cheryl A. Frye

Cheryl A. Frye
Cheryl A. Frye

Areas of Interest: The focus of my research program is determining how steroid hormones work in the brain and influence behavior and how engaging in particular behaviors alters hormone levels. My research primarily has focused on non-traditional actions of steroid hormones and those produced in the brain which have rapid effects (neurosteroids). Because hormones are essential for mating, we have used reproductive behavior as an indication of the effectiveness of different experimental hormone manipulations. As diverse actions of steroids' mechanisms are revealed through our reproductive behavior experiments, we then examine the role of different actions of steroids on developmental processes (puberty, pregnancy, aging, etc.) and in mediating behaviorally-relevant processes, such as anxiety, learning, neuroprotection, throughout the lifespan. As such, our research has made important contributions to understanding sex differences and the role of hormones in the etiology, exacerbation and/or treatment of many clinically-relevant conditions including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury. 

A true translational scientist, Dr. Frye has conducted basic research and clinic trials.  She is also a neuropsychologist, licensed to practice in NY State. Specific research interests follow.

  • Steroid Mechanism
  • Neurosteroids
  • Sex Differences in Social, Cognitive, & Affective Behavior
  • Hormonal Influences in Social, Cognitive, & Affective Behavior
  • Neuroprotection/Neuroplasticity
  • Hormones and Behavior as Therapeutics in Developmental, Psychiatric and Neurodegenerative Disorders