Clinical Doctoral Student, Stephanie Wemm, Awarded a NIDA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Stephanie Wemm, a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology, has received a prestigious National Research Service Award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This pre-doctoral fellowship will support Stephanie’s research on the psychological and biological processes in behavioral addictions and substance abuse in the laboratory of Dr. Elga Wulfert.

Stephanie’s grant entitled “The impact of stress on steroid hormones and cue reactivity in smokers and gamblers” seeks to identify common psychological and biological processes that occur in both behavioral and substance addictions. The research will compare how smokers and gamblers react to a challenging academic task, and how they subsequently respond to either smoking-related or gambling-related items. These findings may contribute to the treatment of addictive disorders by exploring ways to promote a more healthy response to difficult life situations, as well as identifying people that may be more at risk for relapse. As part of the fellowship, Stephanie will be trained in state-of-the-art mass spectrometry techniques for the analysis of hormones. She will also take advanced courses in addictive behaviors, statistical methods, and biological processes.