Course Requirements for Social-Personality Psychology


1. 4 courses outside the Social- Personality Area (department requirement).

At least two of the four must come from within the psychology department and come from at least two different areas within the department.

2. Statistical background (department requirement)

PSY510 Statistical and Experimental Methods I
PSY511 Statistical and Experimental Methods II

3. Required survey courses:

PSY605 Survey of Social Psychology
PSY730 Attitudes and Social Cognition

4. Advanced Seminars & Methods: choose 4 courses from the following list (please note that PSY780 is a special topics course and students can conceivably take 4 PSY780s if they are content courses taught by social psychology faculty):

PSY613 Multivariate Analysis
PSY614 Meta-analyses
PSY668 Group Processes
PSY620 Personality Theory
PSY736 Research methods in psychology
PSY753 Psychometric Theory and Research
PSY780 Special topics in Social Psychology (can be repeated)
Other courses as approved by area.




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