Clinical Program Area - Course Requirements

Course Requirements
First-year students in the clinical area are required to take the following specific courses: APSY 640 (Survey of Psychopathology), APSY 675A (Introduction to Clinical Psychology: The Scientist-Practitioner), APSY 670 (Clinical Methods I: Assessment), APSY 675B (Practicum in Assessment), APSY 604 (Survey of Developmental Psychology), APSY 736 (Research Methods), APSY 510 (Statistics and Design of Psych Experiments), and APSY 511 (Statistics and Experimental Methods II).

In addition to meeting department and university requirements for the Ph.D., students enrolled in the clinical area are required to complete the clinical core. The clinical core consists of the following: APSY 640 (Survey of Psychopathology); APSY 670 (Clinical Methods I: Assessment); APSY 671 (Clinical Methods II: Psychotherapy and Behavior Change); APSY 672 (Clinical Methods III: Psychotherapy and Behavior Change); APSY 673 (Clinical Methods IV: Child Psychology); APSY 675A (Introduction to Clinical Psychology: The Scientist-Practitioner); APSY 675B (Practicum in Clinical Assessment); APSY 676A & 676B (Practicum in Assessment Intervention); APSY 677A & 677B (Practicum in Professional Issues and Current Directions in Clinical Psychology).

During the second year, students must enroll in the clinical core courses of APSY 671, APSY 672, APSY 676A, 676B, and APSY 673. Additionally, students are required to take the breadth courses of: APSY 602 (Survey of Learning and Conditioning), APSY 601 (Survey of Biopsychology), and those interested in teaching must take APSY 892 (Teaching Practicum). Students are also able to take an elective course during the second semester.

The clinical core courses of APSY 677A and 677B are taken in the third year. Sometime during the third or fourth years students also take the following courses: APSY 605 (Survey of Social Psychology), APSY 780 (Diversity Issues), APSY 610 (History of Psychology), and APSY 613 (Multivariate Analysis). Additionally students have the opportunity to take elective advanced clinical seminars on such topics as: Eating Disorders, Treatment of Childhood Problems, Behavioral Medicine, and Addictive Behaviors.

A predoctoral internship is required of all students in the clinical area. It may take the form of a full calendar year spent in a local or distant agency.

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