Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

Time to completion of the Ph.D. (based on all graduates over the past seven years):

Full Completion Table

Years in which Degrees were Conferred          
   2013 - 2014
 Total # of students with doctoral degree conferred on transcript

 Mean number of years to complete the program
 Median number of years to complete the program
 Time to Degree Ranges
 Students in less than 5 years
 Students in 5 years
 Students in 6 years
 Students in 7 years
 Students in more than 7 years

Percent of students graduating in:
< 5 years: 0%
5 years: 37%
6 years: 33%
7 years: 12%
>7 years: 18%

Program Costs:

Description 2014-2015 1st-year             Cost                       
Tuition for full-time students (in-state) $5,185/semester
Tuition for full-time students (out-of-state) $10,095/semester

Tuition per credit hour for part-time students

(if applicable enter amount; if not applicable enter "NA")

University/institution fees or costs  $623/semester
Additional estimated fees or costs to students (e.g. books, travel, etc.) $1,323.25/semester

$411/credit hour resident
$765/credit hour non-resident

University fee - $12.50
Comprehensive fee - $47.50/credit or $570/sem
Academic Excellence Free - $37.50 for 12 or more credits, $3.25/credit
Grad Student Organization Fee - $22 (9+ credits); $11 (1-8 credits)
International Students only: Insurance - $618.75/sem
International Students only: SEVIS fee - $75/sem

Financial aid:
No financial aid packages are available for graduate students. Graduate students must get their own loans, etc.

Grants & Awards:

Graduate Student Organization awards– up to $500
Psychology Department Graduate Initiative Funds– between $500- $1,000
SUNY Benevolent Grant– up to $500
GSEU funds available for graduate assistants – up to $500
Blanchard Research Award: one to two yearly awards between $1,000 and $1,500

Tuition remission
- Students are covered for full tuition for 3 years (students must pay the fees) if they have an assistantship during that time period.

Graduate Assistantships
– About $15,000 a year (academic year) for a 3-year period if a student remains in good standing. These require a 20hr/week work commitment.

Clinical Assistantships at Psychological Services Center
– These are available for students in their fourth year and beyond for $8,000 - $11,000 a year depending on the clinical responsibilities of the position.

Fellowships – Not currently available at UA.

Internship Success: (for the most recent 7 years of students)

Full 7 Year Internship Table

Year Applied for Internship
N %
Students who obtained APA/CPA-accredited internships 7 88
Students who obtained APPIC member internships that were not APA/CPA-accredited (if applicable)  0 0
Students who obtained other membership organization internships (e.g. CAPIC) that were not APA/CPA-accredited (if applicable)  0 0
Students who obtained  internships conforming to CDSPP guidelines that were not APA/CPA-accredited (if applicable)  0 0
Students who obtained other internships that were not APA/CPA-accredited (if applicable)  0 0
Students who obtained any internship 7 88
Students who sought or applied for internships including those who withdrew from the application process 8 -

* All of our students obtained internships that paid, are APPIC member internships, and are APA accredited. No students are in half-time internships.

Student Attrition Table (7 years)

   Years of First Enrollment
 2013 - 2014
 Students for whom this is the year of first enrollment
 Students whose doctoral degrees were conferred on their transcripts
 Students still enrolled in the program
 Students no longer enrolled for any reason other than conferral of doctoral degree

Licensure Table
Outcome 2004 to 2014
The total number of program graduates (doctoral degrees conferred on transcript) between 2 and 10 years ago 51
The number of these graduates (between 2 and 10 years ago) who became licensed psychologists in the past 10 years 26
Licensure percentage 51%

* Percentage licensed is based on number of students contacted during the reporting period (57 out of 60 possible graduates). We were unable to contact 3 of our graduates as of this reporting, and thus their licensure status is unknown.

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