Clinical Program Area - Admissions & How to Apply

Individuals interested in obtaining additional information about the Ph.D.program in Clinical Psychology at the University at Albany may contact Dr. Hazel Prelow, The Director of Clinical Training, University at Albany, State University of New York, Department of Psychology, SS399, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222 (Ph: 518-442-5805).

Clinical Program Admissions Process and Steps
Step 1: Complete the required online application by DECEMBER 1. You should include: (1) the University’s Application for Admission for Degree - Graduate Studies form and all other materials requested on the Graduate Studies web site (, (2) your transcripts, (3) your resume/curriculum vitae, (4) your Graduate Record Exam scores (Verbal, Quantitative, Writing), and (5) the Clinical Psychology Information sheet. If you are an international applicant, you must submit your TOEFL scores in addition to your GRE scores.

Step 2: The Graduate School forwards applications that are complete and received by the admissions deadline to the Department of Psychology for review. At least 3 members of the Clinical faculty review each student’s application. The whole clinical faculty meets repeatedly and admission decisions are made by consensus. Criteria for admissions appear below. By the end of January, the strongest applicants are invited for a campus interview.

Step 3: Our interview day, a full-day event, usually falls in February. The interview day affords applicants the opportunity to meet with the Clinical faculty and graduate students, and to tour our facilities. We typically invite between 30 – 40 applicants. We begin with a continental breakfast and an introduction to our faculty, in the afternoon we share lunch, and we conclude with a dinner party in the evening. During the day you will be interviewed individually by at least 3 members of the clinical faculty and by several graduate students. We cannot pay for your transportation to our program; however, all meals during interview day are paid for and provided by our program, and one of our current graduate students will host you if you like. Most applicants plan to arrive on Friday evening before the interview day and depart on Sunday morning. If we invite you for the interview and you cannot attend, we will try to arrange for you to visit our program on another day or we will arrange for phone interviews. We do not admit students to our program without some form of interview.

If you receive an invitation to the interview day, we strongly encourage you to attend. It is an ideal way for you to meet the Clinical faculty and to become acquainted with our program and the University.

Step 4: The Clinical faculty decides on final admissions typically within a week from the interview day. Some students may receive an offer immediately whereas others may be placed on a wait-list. For students who are wait-listed an offer of admission may come as late as mid-April.

Criteria for Admissions to the Clinical Program
Gaining admission to our doctoral program in Clinical Psychology is highly competitive. Each year we receive up to 200 applications and offer admission to approximately 10% of these applicants. Our incoming class size varies between 6 and 8 students. The decision to offer students admission is based on (1) the quality of their academic preparation, as reflected in their cumulative grade point average (GPA) and Psychology GPA; (2) their performance on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE); (3) their experience in conducting research in Psychology as indicated by the type of research studies they have been involved with and by research products such as completion of an honors thesis, conference presentations, or publications; (4) their field/applied experiences with clinical populations or other human service activities; (5) the student’s personal statement; (6) letters of recommendation; (7) the faculty’s judgment that the student is a good fit with our program, as indicated by the applicant’s interests and background, and that the student matches with our training model and individual faculty research interests.

While we have no official cutoff for admission based on GPA or GRE, the minimum scores recommended for a competitive application to our program include an overall GPA of 3.2 and of 3.4 in the major, scores of 151 on the Verbal and 153 on the Quantitative exams, and of 600 in the Psychology subject test. As reflected in the Table below, the average GPA and GRE scores for students enrolled in our program in the past three years were substantially higher than the minimum.

2009 7
573          674 712
2011 7
2013 6
162 156
2014 7 3.80 3.83 163 159
2015 7 3.76 3.80 162 157  703
2016  7 3.79  3.82 162 158 705 
2017  7 3.66  3.78 160  159 698 
2018  3.74  3.75  160  158  N/A 
The final decision to admit students is based on the entirety of their application materials and never just on their “scores”. The most competitive students are those who excel in all areas of our criteria for admission.

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