Clinical Program Area - Adult Studies

Adult Studies
Students who are interested in clinical research with adults have the opportunity to conduct research on a wide range of disorders with a number of clinical faculty. Edelgard Wulfert studies self-regulation and impulsivity in adults and adolescents in the area of addictive behaviors (gambling, alcohol abuse, sexual risk-taking). She also conducts assessment and treatment research on motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral interventions for addictive disorders. John Forsyth conducts basic laboratory and applied psychophysiological research in the area of fear and anxiety-related disorders, with particular emphasis on emotion regulation processes (e.g., experiential avoidance) and acceptance and mindfulness-based interventions for the anxiety disorders. Drew Anderson conducts research on the assessment and treatment of body image concerns, eating disorders and obesity. He is also interested in factors contributing to food choice. Mitch Earleywine is interested in addictive behaviors, and specifically use and abuse of alcohol and marijuana.

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