Clinical Program Area - Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy
Owing to our history, there is a behavioral or cognitive-behavioral bent to much of the research and clinical training at Albany. Yet, this is certainly not the exclusive approach of all faculty members.

The clinical program at Albany follows a scientist-practitioner model which attempts to instill a scientific approach to research and clinical practice. We seek to train well rounded doctoral level clinical scientists who have a thorough grounding in research and scholarly activities, can develop and utilize scientific knowledge, are skilled in using their critical thinking and analytic tools in problem formulation and solution generation, and have a thoroughly developed repertoire of professional competencies, including applied skills.

The program emphasizes creative research and applications of psychological principles to a broad range of applied problems. The program's scholars, faculty and students alike, make significant contributions in the areas of treatment development, outcomes research, program evaluation, training, supervision, basic psychopathology research, clinical science and practice, and theory and philosophy of science. The program values these behaviors regardless of the setting in which they occur.

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