Edelgard Wulfert

Clinical Program Area

Elga Wulfert


Edelgard Wulfert
Professor of Psychology & Collins Fellow
College of Arts and Sciences

Office: Arts & Sciences 217
Phone: (518) 442-4654
Fax: (518) 442-4867

Research Lab: Addictive Behaviors Lab

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest:

My research interests focus on deficits in self-regulation, particularly in the area of pathological gambling and alcohol abuse. I conduct basic and applied work. My basic research focuses on the elucidation of the role of physiological arousal, cue reactivity, stress, and cognitive distortions in addictive behaviors. My applied research consists of assessment and treatment studies. At present, I am focusing almost exclusively on pathological gambling, because this disorder allows us to study addictive behavior in its "purest" form, i.e., without the confounding effects of substances. We have developed and are currently testing the efficacy of an innovative Cognitive-Motivational Behavior Therapy for pathological gamblers. Our goal is to improve our conceptual understanding of addiction, including its treatment, the maintenance of treatment gains, and the relapse process. Specific areas of interest follow.

  • Deficits in Self-Regulation
    Addictive Behaviors
    Pathological Gambling
    Alcohol Abuse
  • Assessment and Treatment Research
    Physiological Arousal and Cue Reactivity
    Motivational Interviewing Interventions
    Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies