Gordon G. Gallup, Jr.

Behavioral Neuroscience Program Area

Gordon Gallup Gordon G. Gallup, Jr.
Professor of Psychology

Office: Social Sciences 232
Phone: (518) 442-4852
Fax: (518) 442-4867
email: gallup@albany.edu

Curriculum Vitae (pdf format)

Areas of Interest: My research interests focus on the impact of evolution on human behavior, with particular emphasis on gender differences in human reproductive competition, factors that influence mate selection, the role of female infidelity and paternal assurance tactics, the relationship between morphology and behavior (e.g., fluctuating asymmetry, digit ratios), adaptations that minimize forced copulation, effect of the menstrual cycle on behavior, voice attractiveness as a fitness indicator, semen chemistry and behavior, sperm competition, and semen displacement. I am also interested in the evolution of self-awareness and social cognition, and schizophrenia as a self-processing disorder. Specific areas of interest follow.
  • Evolution and Human Behavior
  • Human Reproductive Competition
  • Self-Awareness and Social Cognition