• Laurie Feldman

     Areas of Interest:

    Cognitive Psychology Program Area

    Laurie Feldman
    Professor of Psychology

    Office: Social Science 237
    Phone: (518) 442-4842
    Fax: (518) 442-4867
    email:  lfeldman@albany.edu

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    Areas of Interest: 

    I take a Cognitive Science approach to the study of language. One unifying theme to my program of research is the question of how a language user concurrently manages multiple linguistic codes. These interactions include two languages, two writing systems for one language, native and accented speech, speech and text, and emojis and text. One of our current projects is Social Networking and Cognition. Another is a non-decompositional approach to morphological processing in comprehension and production (as revealed by performance in a typing task).